Restaurant and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Frequency

Restaurant and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Frequency

Many new restaurant owners or commercial kitchen managers struggle to know frequently their exhaust hood fans and ducts should be cleaned. Cleaning the exhaust hoods, ducts, fans and filters are not only important but are necessary for law under fire code NFPA 96. Failing appropriately maintain the kitchen exhaust hood system can be a catalyst for fires, unpleasant odors, premature breakdown and catastrophic thinning hair. The grease that builds up in the system provides ample fuel for fire that can burn at an incredible hot temperatures. Most exhaust systems have a fire suppression system within the hood perhaps the mouth of the vertical duct, but fire suppression systems do not provide protection in the vertical and horizontal ductwork or the fan on the roof.

So how often should a restaurant have their exhaust system cleaned? Rate of recurrence of cleaning is element that is highly dependent through the volume of cooking as well as the type of cooking you actually perform. Obviously, higher volume cooking locations require more frequent cleaning. However, however restaurant owners do not realize is that individual of food their kitchen prepares also plays a very powerful role in how most of the exhaust system should be serviced.Tile Cleaning For instance, preparing foods that are high in fats and oils (such as cooking burgers, char broil cooking, foods cooked in a wok, cooking with solid fuels (wood) or open vat fryers) deposit much more grease into the exhaust system than traditional cooking. So if you are preparing burgers on a consistent basis at a highly regarded volume your kitchen exhaust hoods will need to be serviced regularly (quarterly at a minimum) to prevent fires and unacceptable grease buildup. Determining the optimal level of exhaust hood cleaning that the kitchen or restaurant requires takes associated with experience. It normally best to consult with a reputable and certified kitchen exhaust hood inspector who could evaluate your system and cooking habits to provide a recommendation on a cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Some commercial kitchen and restaurant hood cleaners provide exhaust hood inspection services for free, and some will often provide pictures of the internal ductwork. As a rule of thumb no commercial kitchen exhaust system in regular use should go over six months any thorough cleaning. However, if you are cooking a high volume of foods that are of high fats and oils a thorough cleaning might be required as often as twice a month or so. This is where the assistance of a certified kitchen exhaust system inspector can help you determine how often your exhaust system needs to be cleaned. Once you might have a cleaning and maintenance schedule on the spot reevaluate the schedule every year to make certain that changes in cooking load or menu options not have increased grease buildup between services.

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